Severn Home Male Sober Living

Severn Home Men's Crownsville location is close to Annapolis and D.C.
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Spacious Living

A comfortable living environment is crucial to the recovery process. Our male sober living home in Crownsville offers spacious and well-appointed living quarters, ensuring residents have ample space to relax, reflect, and recharge.
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Fully Equipped Gym

Physical well-being is an essential aspect of a comprehensive recovery journey.  Exercise helps improve overall health but also aids in reducing stress, boosting self-confidence, and promoting a positive mindset.
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Inviting In-Ground Pool

Residents can enjoy the benefits of aquatic exercise while engaging in meaningful social interactions with fellow housemates, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support during the late spring to early fall months.
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Full Kitchen

Cooking and sharing meals promotes a sense of community, while nutritious food supports overall well-being and aids in the healing process.
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Private and Semi-Private Bedrooms

We offer semi-private and private bedrooms that range in monthly rates, ensuring flexible options that fit your budget.
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Location Amenities


High-speed Wifi Access for all residents included

Outdoor Pool

Available during the Spring and Summer months

Multiple Televisions

Televisions available throughout the home

Full Kitchen

Full kitchen for all of your meal preparation

Private Rooms

Available at Additional Cost

Hot Tub

Available Year-Round

Full Gym

Workout equipment for all residents

Much More

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