Severn Home Program Overview

Welcome to the overview of the Severn Home Sober Living program. We have divided our program into five key stages. These stages are key indicators of your progress while a community resident. Please take some time to look over the five different stages of our recovery home.

Severn Home Mentor Program

We understand the first couple of weeks after leaving treatment can be the most difficult. Working on your recovery while moving into a house with others you don’t know can be stressful. Severn Homes has a mentor program to help navigate and alleviate stress over the first month. The house manager will assign a tenured Severn Home resident as a mentor for all newcomers. The mentor will be chosen based on common characteristics with the new resident and who we feel they will jell best with. This mentor will follow up with the new resident every day, introduce them to other residents, answer any questions, help guide them through the house stages, discuss any hardships etc. This mentor will also be required to take new resident to an outside meeting at least once a week over the first month.

Our Program Amenities


High-speed Wifi Access for all residents included

Outdoor Pool

Available during the Spring and Summer months

Multiple Televisions

Televisions available throughout the home

Two Kitchens

Full kitchens for all of your meal preparation

Private Rooms

Available at Additional Cost

Pool Table

Regulation size pool table

Hot Tub

Available Year-Round

Cooking Classes

Bi-Weekly Chef led courses

Full Gym

Workout equipment for all residents

And So Much More

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